Membership Fees

The annual subscriptions payable for each grade of membership shall be detailed in each current edition of the Regulations of the Club

The rate of subscription fee for Members shall be proposed by the General Committee to the Members at the Annual General meeting in each year. Any proposed changes shall be approved by a simple majority of those Members, eligible to vote and shall become operative on 1st January in the year following.

Full Members

The rights and privileges of Full Members are as defined within the Constitution and Rules of the Club.
Please note that Single, Joint and Family memberships can be paid over a six month period which incurs a £10 administration fee.

Membership TypeSubscription FeeDetail
Joint£475.00Being a married couple or established partners, each being independent full members
Family£475.00Being independent Full Members and their children under the age of 18 years who shall be Junior Members
Overseas£128.00Being a Member permanently resident overseas
22 – 29 years£58.00

Associate Members

The rights and privileges of Associate Members are as defined within the Constitution and Rules of the Club.

Membership TypeSubscription FeeDetail
18-21 Years£0Having the same rights and privileges as Full Members except they do not have the right to attend or vote at General Meetings.
BRNC Officer (single or joint)£0Serving Staff Officer of the BRNC (Single or Joint) and Officers serving on Royal Naval warships when the ship is visiting Dartmouth. Having the same rights and priveleges as 18-21 Members.
Single Winter£162.00Having the rights and privileges to attend Open Meetings and to use the facilities of the Club House from 1st October until 31st March in the following year, to include social functions and lectures. The subscription of Winter Associate Members will be payable on 1st October
Joint Winter£238.00Both having the rights and privileges of a Single Winter Associate Member
Racing Crew£60.00Being a Member of the racing crew of a yacht owned and sailed by a Full Member of the Club in events and races in which the Club has an involvement, is entitled to use the facilities of the Club on the day(s) of the event and to attend winter sailing events, e.g. Prize giving, lectures, etc. and at other times at the discretion of the Sailing Committee
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