2024 Cruising and Motorboat Calendar

A full programme of events, on and off the water, is planned for 2024, starting with our ever popular pre-season Cruising Weekend Forum …… an opportunity to get together and hear interesting and informative talks on all aspects of cruising and boat ownership, together with social dining opportunities to meet up, make new friends and share tall stories of past cruising experiences!

A small change has been introduced to the way longer ‘island’ cruises are scheduled in 2024. In an attempt to avoid disappointment due to weather delays, a date ‘window’ is published, so skippers can diarise a longer time than is expected for the cruise, then hopefully choose weather nearer the time that is favourable, whilst still enabling plenty of social opportunities with other members at the destinations. Full spring tides have been avoided for the island cruises, but can be beneficial for our coastal cruises.

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