Racing Newsletter No.2

Dear Racing Member,

Since the first Saturday and Wednesday series have been completed, here is a progress report.

Wednesday Series
Class 1 – 12 boats, 9 completed 4 races or more.
Class 2 – 11 boats, 6 completed 4 races or more.
Class 3 – 8 boats, 5 completed 4 races or more.
Full results are available on the website (Nonsuch series).
In Class 1: Jiggy, Jaxxiva and Jump & Shout dominated the series, but on NHC, there were four different winners.
In Class 2: Free Spirit beat Bristol 1 by a mere 0.6 of a point and Calypso was just 0.4 behind Bristol 1. On NHC there were 5 different winners.
In Class 3 Hendrika and Mimosa had three wins each, but Hendrika had more seconds!

Saturday Series
Owing to the low turnout, this was run as a combined fleet.
6 boats competed, 3 completed 3 races.
In the combined NHC result Jiggy squeaked home ahead of Seajade. There were 3 different winners.
Disappointingly, the turnout tailed off for the last two races with only two boats competing.
The next Saturday Series starts on 1st July.

Friday Shorthanded Series
Two races completed so far with 4 and 6 boats competing.
Owing to the low numbers, it is likely that this will be converted to a combined result for all classes.
Shorthanded sailing is great fun as there is never a dull moment. It’s also easy to get crew because you don’t need many! Do come and have a go.

Coastal Series
Two events have taken place since the last newsletter:
• The Gallon of Rum – 15 entries, won by Veto from RTYC. A sparkling day with a fine breeze.
• The Yealm weekend – 10 entries, winner on Saturday was Axeman, on Sunday was Seajade. Perfect conditions on Saturday. Wet and windy, but exciting, on Sunday. We took over the Yealm Yacht Club Bistro on Saturday night for an excellent dinner.
Our next Coastal Race is the Dart – Torbay race on 8th July.

Yacht Taxi
For those of us on club moorings, Brian Essex and his team have given a terrific service this year. They have expanded their commitment to cover Saturday and Friday races, even though turnouts have not been as high as we would like. Next time the Yacht Taxi picks you up, please make sure that you let them know how much we value their service.
Alas, since the take-up of yacht taxi services from the club has been very low for the new Friday and Saturday series, I have agreed that for the rest of the Friday series, the Yacht Taxi will only operate before the race. This means that we will have to fend for ourselves at the end. However, if turnouts increase, then I will review this decision.

Race Support Teams
15 people attended the Race Support Teas Course on the 18th May.
If you haven’t done it yet, watch out for the next one.

Changes to NoR and Sailing Instructions No. 3
There are three important changes to the Non-Committee Boat ‘F’ courses. Please make sure you amend your course cards, and Sailing Programmes, otherwise you may go round a mark the wrong way!
Corrections to Courses F1, F5 and F6
Course F1 final rounding of H changed F1 Start at BP 1p 3p [Lp] Hs Finish at BP
Course F5 final rounding of H changed F5 Start at BP 2p 4p [Lp] Hs Finish at BP
Course F6 rounding of 4 changed F6 Start at BP 2p [Ls] 4s 3s Finish at BP

Enough for now, good sailing.
Mike Mackie

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Author: Mike Mackie