Racing Newsletter No.1

Dear Racing Member,

Since we are nearly halfway through the first Saturday and Wednesday series, here is a progress report.

Wednesday Series
Competitors so far:
Class 1 – 8 boats
Class 2 – 7 boats
Class 3 – 7 boats
In Class 1: Jiggy, Jaxxiva and Jump & Shout are leading in IRC but Seajade has joined the top 3 on NHC.
In Class 2: Free Spirit is well away in IRC and NHC. Inconsistency is dogging the chasing pack.
In Class 3 Hendrika is running away with 3 wins / 3!
Saturday Series
Two races so far with 5 boats competing after two races.
The combined class results for NHC are showing a tie between Jiggy and Seajade, but Mimosa has put down a marker for Class 3 boats by winning race 2.
Race Support Teams
There is nothing more disappointing to crews than seeing a race spoilt, or even abandoned because of a starting or finishing error. To avoid this, the Racing Committee are encouraging crews to attend Race Support Team training before doing their duty.
At the start of the season, 13 members attended the first course, and the committee are now examining ways to make training available to other crews. A lot of the course content is not new, but there are gems of ‘Best practice’ in it that help to prevent the disaster scenario. Probably the most vital part is manpower! The Racing Committee strongly recommend that a Race Support Team consists of four people:
• The RO
• The Timekeeper
• The Sail No. Spotter
• The Recorder
For Class 3, getting four people together is a challenge, so full marks to the two Yawls for joining forces to carry out their duty – and yes, both teams got average points! If you are concerned about your duty, please contact the Racing Secretary or the Rear Commodore Sailing and we will try to arrange support.
Forthcoming Events
No racing this Saturday as the J24’s are holding their Spring Cup regatta at RDYC. If you are into yachting photography, and the weather is good, this could be a good opportunity to get some good shots.
Sunday 14th – The Gallon of Rum. The full course for this race is 20nm, and then you get to sail home, adding on another 8nm!
This is one of four coastal races and definitely not to be missed.
Sat 20th and 27th – the last two Spring Saturday races.
Changes to NoR and Sailing Instructions No. 2
1. Clarification to NoR 7 (p.18) with respect to Saturday Series Results.
For the Spring and Summer Saturday Series, Classes 1, 2, 3 and Corinthian will be combined into one IRC result and one NHC result unless entries warrant splitting the classes.
2. Course Map (Offshore Buoys p.29) Simplification of Buoy 5
Replace words for 5 with: RDYC 5, a GPS Waypoint. Use of a temporary orange tetrahedral or similar buoy in the same position may be advised by VHF.
Note that Buoy 3 is 0.1nm NW of its correct position and the flag is missing. This should be rectified soon.
Enough for now, good sailing.
Mike Mackie

Forthcoming Events

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